Serving Fine Art Communities since 1981
Serving Fine Art Communities since 1981

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Fine Art Shuttles

Our coast to coast shuttles are scheduled routes that are reliable and have dependable track records so you can have peace of mind that your shipment will arrive safely and on-time. All of these scheduled shuttles provide door-to-door, climate controlled, and dual driver lift gate service. Our experienced drivers are trained and knowledgeable art handlers to safely handle and secure every work of art we transport. Art Handlers can provide the exact location of your shipment at all times with our state of the art GPS tracking installed on our entire fleet. Security, safety and on-time shipments are our most important objectives. Please contact our office to request an estimate. Insurance information available upon request.

  • 41 Years of Fine Art Transport Service
  • Dependable On-Time Service – Experienced Drivers and Art Handlers
  • Climate Controlled and Dual Driver – New and Reliable Fleet of Trucks with GPS Tracking for Safety

Our routes include:

  • East Coast (Blue)
  • West Coast (Red)
  • Texas (Purple)